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WE ARE the udvl

The Ukraine Digital Verification Lab is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) research group investigating and documenting atrocities and International Law violations committed in Ukraine. We also work to develop and disseminate novel and rigorous methods for OSINT investigations. Our work represents the intersection of humanitarian research and cutting-edge OSINT methodologies. Teams within the UDVL investigate priority topics in line with conflict developments, incubate new and impactful methods, and develop ethical and governance frameworks for open-source analysis.

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The UDVL is committed to a philosophy of “do no harm.” Our investigations are intended to publicize atrocities with the intent to prevent them from fading into the background of an oversaturated media landscape. In doing so, we take extensive security measures and carefully curate our published products to avoid disseminating any information that could result in further violence. The protection and autonomy of civilians in the conflict zone is our top priority. We do not publish materials which may influence military decision making.


Our reports and investigations undergo a lengthy vetting process that includes fact-checking by multiple analysts at every step of the reporting process and oversight by an editing board. All reports are held to the highest ethical and analytical standard, with the goal of creating the most accurate and comprehensive products possible.


Rooted in an academic environment, our analysis pairs field-leading research with emerging OSINT methodologies. With the support of the International Security Studies Program and the Russia Eurasia Institute at the Fletcher School, our analysts are positioned on the forefront of scholarship on contemporary foreign affairs. This, combined with open-source intelligence-gathering methods, allows the UDVL to produce uniquely analyzed and thoroughly researched reporting in an ever-changing field.

The UDVL is committed to innovation and education. We believe in the power of democratized investigations and disseminate open source intelligence (OSINT) methods and ethics through trainings at educational institutions in the Boston area. We also push the cutting edge of OSINT in through our in-house emerging methods team, which incorporates emerging technologies and processes into rigorous OSINT methods. From machine learning to mental health resiliency, see how we’re developing and sharing our methods research.